Beach Soleil

The exclusive beach club of Le Soleil d’Or, Beach Soleil invites you to partake in all that the Cayman Islands are known for – white sandy beaches perfect for sunbathing, strolling and playing, and crystalline blue waters that call for new adventures above and below the waves. Our private, guest-only beach club provides everything you need, from lounge chairs and cabanas to attentive service to fulfill your requests without you needing to ask.

Rediscover your youthful spirit with endless possibilities for adventure and exploration at Beach Soleil. With the largest stretch of powder-white sand on the island, the crystal clear waters of Cayman Brac are yours to explore. And if you’re looking for something at a slower speed, our lounge chairs and beachside cabanas – where you can also take in a massage from Spa Soleil – are at your disposal, too.   


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The Lemon Bar & Restaurant

Casual, open-air dining in view of the azure waves of the Caribbean is the definition of barefoot elegance. Inspired by the savory flavors of the islands and utilizing the seasonal harvest of Farm Soleil, The Lemon Bar & Restaurant marries organic, al fresco cuisine with fresh cocktails for a memorable beachside dining experience.


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