• A Holiday Adventure with a Touch of Wellness

    The holidays are officially here in Cayman Brac, and we couldn't be more excited!... Read more

  • Local Art Gallery in Cayman Brac

    There is so much beauty navigating through Cayman Brac all of the time — even though our island is small it is loud with color, activity, and nature.... Read more

  • Stillness at Sunrise

    There is nothing quite like the calmness of a sunrise on the rocky chaos of Cayman Brac Island.... Read more

  • Hypnotize Yourself at Bloody Bay Wall

    Feel like an underwater astronaut at Bloody Bay Wall just of the shore of Little Cayman. This underwater drop-off is said to be one of the most spectacular drop-offs in... Read more

  • Explore the Shallow Waters of Cayman Brac

    As you have probably come to find out, we keep it very simple here in Cayman Brac.... Read more

  • Catch a Glimpse of the Cayman Brac Parrot

    Cayman Brac is a nature lovers haven — there are magnificent rocks, rare trees, and incredible bird watching all across the island. ... Read more

  • Keep the Conch Coming!

    Today we are talking Cayman Island classics, and one of our most favorite ingredients from the islands is conch! ... Read more

  • Climb All Over the Island

    Cayman Brac is not like most other Caribbean Islands.... Read more

  • Crawling All Over the Cayman Islands

    There are magnificent creatures lurking all over Cayman Brac, all you have to do is pay attention. ... Read more

  • Paddle Your Way to Relaxation

    Take your wellness to a new level and practice your peace and meditation while in motion.... Read more

  • Blooms of Banana Orchids

    Keep your eyes peeled for Cayman Brac’s national flower, the Banana Orchid. ... Read more

  • Deep Breaths by the Ocean

    Breath in, breath out, and step right into your wellness adventure while staying with us at Le Soleil D’ Or. ... Read more

  • Coop Up in Cayman Brac

    Come to Cayman Brac and make like a pirate — cave it! Be a spelunker for the day and hit one of the many gorgeous stalagmite caves that our precious island has to offer. ... Read more

  • Return to the Eden of Youth

    As a guest at our exclusive resort, you will have the opportunity to tour the stunning 20-acre organic Eden that makes the Le Soleil d’Or experience possible. ... Read more

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