• We Cayman, We Saw, We Cultured

    Although Cayman Brac isn’t the biggest of the three islands, it still posses the same amount of historical heritage as its counterparts Cayman Island and Little Cayman. A neat place... Read more

  • 'Brac' off the Island and on to a Kayak

    Grab a paddle and a pal and explore Cayman Brac by sea. Kayaking around the Brac is a splendid way to explore all the beautiful nature the bluff has to offer.  ... Read more

  • Mudslide Your Way Back to the Caribbean

    Whatever you know about the mudslide, throw it out the window — because we are the only ones that know the truth behind this iconic drink. There is nothing better... Read more

  • Farming Towards More Sustainability in Cayman Brac

    Our word for 2020 is sustainability. Mother Earth is such a precious treasure and we are committed to continuing our efforts towards a more green environment. One of the many... Read more

  • It's in the Little NIM Things in Cayman Brac

    Cayman Brac is most well known for its rough exterior but verdant interior. The rocky infrastructure tends to give tourists a hesitant outlook on the Brac, but don’t like the tough... Read more

  • Any Cay-Man or Woman Can Explore This Island

    There are loads of ways to explore Cayman Brac—from seeing the island by kayak, paddleboard, foot, or hopping on a bike to experience a quicker tour—the options are endless. There... Read more

  • Calling on a Party-Of-One in the Cayman Islands

    The Cayman Islands are known for the serene atmosphere, incredible nature, and warm hospitality. If you're looking for an island retreat, consider visiting Le Soleil d’Or for a solo vacation.... Read more

  • We Wheel-y Want You To Drive Safe in Cayman Brac

    Are you planning on driving during your visit to Cayman Brac? We have a few tips for you before you do! Even though our island is only twelve miles long,... Read more

  • Don't Forget to Dive in Cayman Brac

    The Cayman Islands have been a sanctuary of diving lovers for decades, and it is obvious that it’s not changing anytime soon. The crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean harbor... Read more

  • Behind the Bird Reserve in the Brac

    Cayman Brac takes great pride in the natural habitat of our island. We know how unique our island is compared to other places in the Caribbean, and in order to preserve... Read more

  • It's Dad's Day in Cayman Brac

    The day of dad spoiling is among us and we have the ultimate Father's Day Guide for your trip to Cayman Brac. Start your morning off right with a farm-to-table... Read more

  • Make Room in Your Itinerary for the Cayman Islands First Museum

    You may think you know all about the Brac, but did you know that the oldest museum in all of the Cayman Islands just so happens to be a short... Read more

  • Less Waste at Le Soleil d'Or

    We love to celebrate our earth all year long, but in April we make an extra special effort to up our eco-friendly efforts for Earth Day. We are a sustainable... Read more

  • Peace Practice Makes Perfect

    Health and wellness are what we preach at Le Soleil d’Or, and it is something that we practice every single day. One of the ways that we do this is... Read more

  • The Billfish are Brac

    The rocky island of Cayman Brac is home to many different critters and reptiles, but the ocean surrounding the island is home to a much fiercer species, the Billfish. Deep... Read more

  • Soak in the Sea Air, It's a Necessity for 2019!

    The much anticipated new year has arrived and we couldn't be more thrilled! Every new year brings its own version of new life, rejuvenation, clarity, and healing to the table.... Read more

  • Wellness is the Way to 2019

    As 2019 quickly approaches, it's time to reflect on the past 365 days and look at how we can improve for the upcoming new year. Here at Le Soleil d’Or... Read more

  • A Holiday Adventure with a Touch of Wellness

    The holidays are officially here in Cayman Brac, and we couldn't be more excited!... Read more

  • Local Art Gallery in Cayman Brac

    There is so much beauty navigating through Cayman Brac all of the time — even though our island is small it is loud with color, activity, and nature.... Read more

  • Stillness at Sunrise

    There is nothing quite like the calmness of a sunrise on the rocky chaos of Cayman Brac Island.... Read more

  • Hypnotize Yourself at Bloody Bay Wall

    Feel like an underwater astronaut at Bloody Bay Wall just of the shore of Little Cayman. This underwater drop-off is said to be one of the most spectacular drop-offs in... Read more

  • Explore the Shallow Waters of Cayman Brac

    As you have probably come to find out, we keep it very simple here in Cayman Brac.... Read more

  • Catch a Glimpse of the Cayman Brac Parrot

    Cayman Brac is a nature lovers haven — there are magnificent rocks, rare trees, and incredible bird watching all across the island. ... Read more

  • Keep the Conch Coming!

    Today we are talking Cayman Island classics, and one of our most favorite ingredients from the islands is conch! ... Read more

  • Climb All Over the Island

    Cayman Brac is not like most other Caribbean Islands.... Read more

  • Crawling All Over the Cayman Islands

    There are magnificent creatures lurking all over Cayman Brac, all you have to do is pay attention. ... Read more

  • Paddle Your Way to Relaxation

    Take your wellness to a new level and practice your peace and meditation while in motion.... Read more

  • Blooms of Banana Orchids

    Keep your eyes peeled for Cayman Brac’s national flower, the Banana Orchid. ... Read more

  • Deep Breaths by the Ocean

    Breath in, breath out, and step right into your wellness adventure while staying with us at Le Soleil D’ Or. ... Read more

  • Coop Up in Cayman Brac

    Come to Cayman Brac and make like a pirate — cave it! Be a spelunker for the day and hit one of the many gorgeous stalagmite caves that our precious island has to offer. ... Read more

  • Return to the Eden of Youth

    As a guest at our exclusive resort, you will have the opportunity to tour the stunning 20-acre organic Eden that makes the Le Soleil d’Or experience possible. ... Read more