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Any Cay-Man or Woman Can Explore This Island

November 04, 2019

There are loads of ways to explore Cayman Brac—from seeing the island by kayak, paddleboard, foot, or hopping on a bike to experience a quicker tour—the options are endless. There are 35 marked nature trails throughout Cayman Brac. The trails will take you by wetlands and plunging cliffs, and possibly by a couple of caves for those that enjoy a casual spelunking experience. There is so much to see during just a one-hour trail walk, it will truly surprise you. We have bikes available for those that like to stick to a more urban trail. It’s easy to spend an entire day putzing on the Brac and seeing the island from a local point of view. Visit our reception desk for some guidance on where to begin your day of discovery—the Brac is one of those places that will amaze you day after day with its exotic Caribbean beauty!