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Behind the Bird Reserve in the Brac

July 01, 2019

Cayman Brac takes great pride in the natural habitat of our island. We know how unique our island is compared to other places in the Caribbean, and in order to preserve that, we have taken steps to protect our little home. One of the places we love the most on Cayman Brac is the National Trust Parrot Reserve. Walking among the many natural trails that line the 280 acres of protected land, and see if you can spot the vibrant green birds that are camouflaged among the trees. There is a trail available for every skill level, and you will be walking along some of the most beautiful and scenic routes on the entire island. The Cayman Brac Parrot is a special bird to our island because it was almost completely wiped out during the hurricane of 1932. Before the hurricane, they also inhabited Little Cayman—but because of the devastation, they now make their homes exclusively here in the Brac. Get a little exercise while exploring the natural beauty of Cayman Brac.