Blooms of Banana Orchids

January 09, 2018

Keep your eyes peeled for Cayman Brac’s national flower, the Banana Orchid. Exclusively native to the Cayman Islands, this flower is in full bloom after a nice rain shower, and boy does it smell extravagant! The endemic species love a warm, moist environment, which makes our island the perfect home for these lovely plants. You can see the finger-like petals in clusters, and they usually make their home on large woody trees where their seeds are protected and can germinate properly. 

The best time to catch these beautiful, naturally hanging plants is between the April and May, when the climate is the most ripe for them to grow. The banana orchids are protected in the Cayman Islands as they are beginning to deplete over time. So, if you happen to lay your eyes on our national flower, please only look with your eyes, sniff with your nose and snap with your camera — these sweet little flowers would rather be seen than touched.