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Calling on a Party-Of-One in the Cayman Islands

October 07, 2019

The Cayman Islands are known for the serene atmosphere, incredible nature, and warm hospitality. If you're looking for an island retreat, consider visiting Le Soleil d’Or for a solo vacation. Our resort is centered around wellness and learning how to make peace with the body and mind. And what better way to learn more about yourself than by taking a trip on your own. In our opinion, a visit to Cayman Brac is just what the doctor ordered. 

Each morning, grab your warm cup of coffee and take a leisurely stroll on the beach before attending one of our many wellness classes. From outdoor yoga to cooking classes, we have something for everyone. Wrap up your evening with a glass of wine and a farm-to-table dinner during your meal for one. There is something important and beautiful about reconnecting with yourself after getting caught up in the daily hustle back home. We can’t wait to see you glowing after a solo weekend in Cayman Brac!