Climb All Over the Island

April 07, 2018

Cayman Brac is not like most other Caribbean Islands. Yes it is beautiful, yes it has great ocean views, yes you can swim in the sea. Yes.Yes.Yes. However, the Brac truly is known for its rocks. Spelunking became a huge hit in Cayman Brac decades ago, but one of the newer trends that has taken the island by storm is Rock Climbing. Our favorite little island is dripping with gorgeous, giant limestone cliffs in every single direction, which makes us a rock climber's paradise. Rock climbing was first introduced to the island in 1992 and has since created more than one-hundred sport climbing routes. Cayman Brac is a dream location for climbers because of the island atmosphere, mixed with the opportunity to adventure to the fullest. If climbing is something that "peaks" your interest -- you see what we did there -- be sure to swing by the concierge and get more information at your leisure!