Coop Up in Cayman Brac

October 07, 2017

Come to Cayman Brac and make like a pirate — cave it! Be a spelunker for the day and hit one of the many gorgeous stalagmite caves that our precious island has to offer. A nature lovers paradise, you can find a little piece of nirvana in any direction you turn. Pretend you are on a treasure hunt and peek at all the spectacular gemstones that have formed naturally over decades in the dark. Not all of the caves are easily accessible, but Peter’s Cave, Scull Cave, and Great Cave are a few that should definitely be on your radar. Stop by the front desk today and get the lowdown on all of the mysterious caves in the area. Take an afternoon to explore or spend the entire day creeping around in the dark — you’ll not only walk away with beautiful visuals but also a brain full of historical knowledge!