Crawling All Over the Cayman Islands

March 09, 2018

There are magnificent creatures lurking all over Cayman Brac, all you have to do is pay attention. If you are visiting from a different region of the world, we are positive you have noticed the archaic reptiles moving slowly across the limestone rocks or diving quickly into the sea water — these gentle giants are called Iguanas. There are three types of iguanas living in the Cayman Islands — the blue, green, and rock. The Blue Iguana is extremely endangered, scientist believe there are only about twelve left on the island, but conservationists are doing everything in their power to prolong the existence of these amazing reptiles. The green iguana has become too invasive and contribute to the dwindling numbers of the blue iguanas. The rock iguanas on the other hand, are living lard on Little Cayman where they have the right of way on the roads and have populated to about 2,000. See if you can spot the difference on your next visit to Cayman Brac.