Deep Breaths by the Ocean

November 03, 2017

Breath in, breath out, and step right into your wellness adventure while staying with us at Le Soleil D’ Or. We love all things restorative and relaxing so whether that is meditating on the beach or breaking a sweat during yoga, you can find your balance throughout your trip. Being in the island of Cayman Brac is the first steps to a therapeutic get away — try one of our many excursions meant to reconnect you with nature, and with yourself. Learn how to kayak in the salty seas and dive into the water to see what's thriving below sea level. 

The sounds of the Caribbean will keep you centered and alert — try to spot the sweet sandpipers that chase after the rolling waves during the peak hours of the morning. Cayman Brac will heighten your senses and teach you to appreciate the simple ways of island living.