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Don't Forget to Dive in Cayman Brac

August 05, 2019

The Cayman Islands have been a sanctuary of diving lovers for decades, and it is obvious that it’s not changing anytime soon. The crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean harbor some of the most vibrant coral reef and fish in the entire world. Not only will you come across underwater caves and tons of invasive lionfish, but often times you will get the opportunity to touch wings with a fleet of giant eagle rays, or snap a photo with a school of tarpon, all in the same dive. Cayman Brac is a great spot for long dives by going on just a quick boat ride off-shore. With drop-offs like Wilderness Wall, it's normal to go from sea-level to 50-feet below in just a few shakes of the leg—literally. Take note now, that if your next trip includes a stopover in Cayman Brac, include a mask, snorkel, and fins right in your carry-on!