Local Art Gallery in Cayman Brac

October 01, 2018

There is so much beauty navigating through Cayman Brac all of the time — even though our island is small it is loud with color, activity, and nature. One of our favorite local artists has perfectly crafted her artwork to portray the likeness of Cayman Brac. She goes by the name of SimoneS Art Gallery and is an expert in digital creatives, as well as pencil and acrylic artwork. Her sweet little gallery sits right down the street from Le Soleil d’Or, in what she calls the traditional yellow Caymanian house on Spot Bays main road. Her gallery is open from 9 am until 6 pm and she showcases her own work, as well as work from other artists from all over the world. Take a little piece of the Cayman Islands home with you when you visit SimoneS Art Gallery, her colorful pieces will constantly remind you of your time in the islands.