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Mudslide Drink

Mudslide Your Way Back to the Caribbean

February 03, 2020

Whatever you know about the mudslide, throw it out the window — because we are the only ones that know the truth behind this iconic drink. There is nothing better than a cold boozy concoction on a hot beachy day. But did you know the mudslide was invented right here in the Cayman Islands, and that it was a complete accident? As the legend has it, a customer walked into a bar looking for a white Russian, and while the bartender didn’t have all the ingredients, he decided to improvise — thus the birth of this chocolatey delicious surprise! Make this yummy concoction at home for your friends and family with our simple recipe. Take equal parts of your favorite vodka, coffee liquor, Irish cream, and heavy cream, then shake, shake, shake, pour over ice, and serve to all your party people. This creamy cocktail will have you dreaming of being back in the Cayman Islands, especially if your toes are in the snow!