Return to the Eden of Youth

September 15, 2017

When philosopher Martin Heidegger wrote, "To dwell is to garden," he articulated a principle that has become central to our own philosophy at Le Soleil d'Or: that living fully and authentically means cultivating a direct relationship with the natural world in all its splendor. As a guest at our exclusive resort, you will have the opportunity to tour the stunning 20-acre organic Eden that makes the Le Soleil d’Or experience possible. Recapture that vibrant, youthful curiosity you’d long forgotten as your expert guide introduces you to hundreds of fruits, vegetables, and flowers stretching all the way to the crystalline water. Touch the cool earth in the spirit of play as you are invited to partake in sustainable farming alongside your fellow guests. And learn how our many unique health and wellness products are made from the very plants that grow underfoot. At Le Soleil d’Or, we offer no less than a transformative experience, instilling in each of our valued guests the harmony of sky, sea, and earth, both here in Cayman Brac and wherever else your travels may take you.