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mother and son splashing in waves

Soak in the Sea Air, It's a Necessity for 2019!

January 07, 2019

The much anticipated new year has arrived and we couldn't be more thrilled! Every new year brings its own version of new life, rejuvenation, clarity, and healing to the table. It’s as if the first few days of the year have been cleansed and we have permission to start fresh. One thing we think everyone needs to do in the first 30 days of 2019 is to get a big whiff of the healing properties from the ocean air. Did you know that the sea is full of salty minerals that actually help you release toxins and boost your serotonin levels, which will quite literally get you into the right state of mind for 2019? Sodium, chloride, sulfate, magnesium, and calcium are all properties that make up the deep blue sea, they are also all properties that make up a healing spiritual concoction for your mind, body, and soul!