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The Billfish are Brac

February 04, 2019

The rocky island of Cayman Brac is home to many different critters and reptiles, but the ocean surrounding the island is home to a much fiercer species, the Billfish. Deep sea fishing is one of the more popular sports in the Caribbean Islands, and this month we are searching for the big, bad Billfish. The Billfish is a popular sporting fish because of its agility and speed. It happens to be one of the quickest fish on the entire island.

Sports fishing in the Cayman Islands has gained a lot of popularity over the last twenty years because of the plentiful supply of fish and the tough catch and release fish that are on the menu. One of the more popular events in the Cayman Islands is the Cayman Billfish Rundown that happens each summer. Take a swing at these fighting fish, and if you like it, we hope to see you back on the Brac in just a few months!