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Wellness is the Way to 2019

December 03, 2018

As 2019 quickly approaches, it's time to reflect on the past 365 days and look at how we can improve for the upcoming new year. Here at Le Soleil d’Or we take wellness very seriously, which is why we think you should incorporate it into your new year's resolutions. Here are a few wellness tips that you should be doing on a daily basis:  

1. Eat the rainbow! Your diet should be as colorful as you are—the more fruits and veggies you eat, the more vitamins and nutrients you're getting. 
2. Sleep, sleep and more sleep! Be sure to get enough zzz’s in your nightly routine, we suggest 7-8 hours each night.  
3. Water! Not just something you shower in, be sure to drink at least five glasses per day.
4. Move your body! Exercise is key to a healthy life, make sure you are moving around a little bit every hour.
5. Smile! Find something to smile at least once per day, it's an instant mood boost and good for the soul!