Cayman Brac

Just one hour from Miami lies the intimate island of Cayman Brac, one of two sister islands that lie northeast of Grand Cayman in the calm waters of the Caribbean. From its isolated white sandy beaches to its rugged, scenic cliffs, Le Soleil d’Or takes advantage of the natural bounty of the island along with the warmth of its people to create a beachside farm-to-table retreat of unsurpassed seclusion and serenity.

Although once a haven for pirates who used the island to replenish their supplies, Cayman Brac has since become a sheltered location to experience the magnificent vistas and seascapes of the Cayman Islands – but in a more pristine state than the heavily-trafficked Grand Cayman. Crystalline blue waters that are unique to the island elevate any activity, whether on shore, on the water or under the sea.

Beyond the expected beauty of the Caribbean, however, is the Bluff. Made of lustrous white limestone, the Bluff is the architectural backbone of the island, running the full length of Cayman Brac, and the island’s namesake. (Brac is Gaelic for bluff.) This compelling feature creates endless opportunities for natural exploration, offering a range of hiking trails, caves and natural pools as well as harboring rich flora and wild fauna. It also provides some of the most unexpected and panoramic views in the Caribbean.

Despite being far enough removed to make you feel like you’ll never be found again, nearly every convenience is still immediately available. In addition to the 5-star amenities of Le Soleil d’Or, the island features grocery stores, restaurants, bars, spas, fishing charters, entertainment and medical centers.


With opportunities for recreation both over and underwater, your only challenge will be deciding what to do with your days – either focusing on activities to energize the body or the letting the stillness of Cayman Brac invigorate your mind as you bask in the golden sunlight.

Diving & snorkeling

Cayman Brac attracts diving enthusiasts from all over the world for its pristine seascapes. With more than 50 dive sites that include reef, wall and wreck diving, and 100-foot crystal clear visibility, the island is considered one of the world’s premier scuba diving destinations. 


Sandy beaches

With nearly 12 miles of pristine white sand beaches, Cayman Brac is an oasis that stands apart. Guests can enjoy the sparkling waters and sunbathe or swim in privacy at Beach Soleil, an expansive swimmable stretch of the island reserved solely for guests of Le Soleil d’Or.


Natural pools

Cayman Brac plays host to several unique natural swimming pools, which provide the ideal conditions for a day spent snorkeling or swimming – or the relaxing end to a long hike along the verdant Bluff. 


Biking & hiking

35 marked nature trails lead to adventures around the island, including bird-watching, historic landmarks and wetland habitats. For those that desire a set of wheels, Le Soleil d’Or also has bicycles available to explore the island. 



The crystal blue sea invites our guests to enjoy the water, and with the slow roll of the waves, the island provides a perfect location for sea kayaking. Le Soleil d’Or has kayaks reserved for your use as well as staff that can provide advice on where and how to try this sport.


Cayman Brac’s diverse flora and fauna are mirrored underwater, providing ample choices for many exciting types of on and off shore fishing. Whether looking to hook a Wahoo or a Barracuda, the geography of the ocean floor – which plummets thousands of feet a quarter mile from the beach – allows anglers to fish for large migratory species year round. 



There are almost 200 part- and full-time resident species of birds on Cayman Brac, which are viewable throughout the year. Guests wanting the best bird-watching opportunities are encouraged to come between October and April, and may also be interested in the island’s Parrot Reserve.



Limestone caves dot the island and offer spelunkers a rare glimpse of the delicate underground formations that form the foundation of Cayman Brac – and even more unique views of the Cayman Islands ecosystem.


Want something different? Let our staff design a luxurious adventure that meets your exact specifications. Le Soleil d’Or will tailor a trip, including all transportation, rental cars and guide arrangements, to a multitude of historical and scenic sightseeing venues. From heritage sites to bat caves to helicopter rides, let our staff help you create a memorable tour of our island.


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