Our Story

In nature, light creates color. At Le Soleil d’Or, light and color reenergize the heart and the spirit, enlivening our guests with the experience of life as it should be.

Le Soleil d’Or sets a new standard in ultra-private luxury. By blending European, Mediterranean and Caribbean influences with 5-star amenities and a 20-acre organic farm, the ultimate in perfected comfort is created at this beachside sanctuary. Just one hour from Miami, the resort is far enough away to make you feel as though you’ll never be found again, or at least not until you have been rediscovered.

We invite you to experience the colors of Cayman Brac with us at Le Soleil d’Or, the Cayman Islands’ only beachside farm-to-table wellness destination. Here, tranquility invigorates the mind so you can be more attuned to what matters most.

Crystalline Blue.

More than an island vacation, Le Soleil d’Or is an experience in barefoot elegance. Whether relaxing at our exclusive beach club or exploring world-renowned dive sites, the ever-present ultramarine waters and endless sky will turn even familiar outdoor activities into unexpected and indulgent memories.


Verdant Green.

The heart and soul of Le Soleil d’Or is our 20-acre farm. Experience the joy of our farm tour, picking your own ingredients and turning them into a truly farm-to-table meal in one of our chef-driven cooking classes. Or, take in a spa treatment crafted from our harvest. Let our garden paradise set your mind at ease and heighten your well-being.


Lustrous White.

From our white sand beaches to the natural architecture of the sun-bleached limestone Bluff, Le Soleil d’Or balances privacy and perfection. With days emptied of interruptions and the island at your fingertips, Le Soleil d’Or provides unparalleled personalization.


Golden Yellow.

Learn the lesson of warmth from the sun and from the people of Cayman Brac. The never-ending summer sunlight and the farm’s bounty will replenish you. Let us help you disconnect so that you can reconnect with what’s most important.

Welcome home to life as it should be.


Le soleil D’Or property map

  • 1. Farm Soleil
  • 2. Farm Lodge
  • 3. Pilates Studio
  • 4. Food Court
  • 5. Restaurant Soleil
  • 6. Boutique Hotel
  • 7. Fitness Center
  • 8. Farm Store
  • 9. Parking Lot
  • 10. Tennis Court
  • 11. Beach cottage
  • 12. Beach Soleil
  • 13. Beach Studio
  • 14. Spa Soleil
  • 15. The Lemon Bar & Restaurant
  • 16. Beach House
  • Farm Lodge

  • Farm Soleil

  • Restaurant Soleil

  • Boutique Hotel

  • beach cottage

  • Beach studio

  • spa soleil

  • Beach Soleil

  • Beach house

  • The Lemon Bar & Restaurant