Farm Soleil

The heart and soul of Le Soleil d’Or is our sprawling 20-acre organic farm. Resting on top of the limestone Bluff, Farm Soleil is the vision of the resort’s founder, who merged her Mediterranean heritage with her agrarian roots to find inspiration for this unique project. Her inventiveness led her to carve the farm out of the Bluff’s seemingly untamable terrain, eventually creating space for over 300 fruits and vegetables to thrive, as well as a flock of 200 chickens.

Experience the serenity that comes from cultivating the earth up close by taking a farm tour. The lush surroundings will soak your cares away as you rediscover the earth at our Caribbean hideaway.

Farm Soleil

Nature lovers and foodies alike will relish in getting back to their roots with a unique, hands-on culinary experience unlike any in the region.

Our Cayman Island Farm Tour provides an inside look at sustainable farming on the islands. Exclusively available to Le Soleil d’Or guests, tours are a special delight, with breathtaking views of our one-of-a-kind Caribbean farm paradise.

Tours include:

  1. Guided walks through the garden and farm. Learn about seasonal produce from a passionate and knowledgeable staff member.
  2. Tastes of the farm. Depending on availability, sample juices from a variety of flowers, as well as tasting fresh picked fruits and vegetables.
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